Week 05: EH Paper and Finish Movie Activities

Tuesday/Wednesday: AP Exam and Movie…

Tuesday was the AP test for all of you.  We did not have a class- but you need to be working on your draft for class Thursday.

Wednesday- We finished the last 43 minutes of the movie and used the remaining time to work on the writing process.

HW: Finish draft #1 for class Thursday or Friday.  Bring a HARD COPY of your draft to class. 

Thursday/Friday: Peer Editing of RD #1

Today in class you will be working with classmates to peer edit your paper.  You should use the provided rubric to help your classmates, and you may also use this rubric that gives more specific information that may be helpful to you. Formal paper rubric

HW: Work on Root vocabulary as needed

HW: Work on RD #2 of your paper as required.  Be thoughtful about the suggestions that were made during the peer editing process.