Welcome to My New Home

Hello all, and welcome to my new home: AIS.

I say “my new home” as you all have been living here for some time now and I have only just arrived here in VietNam and AIS.

Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with the place and i look forward to getting to know each and every one of my new students.

I also am looking forward to getting involved in other ways!  I’ve already volunteered to coach the cheer squad– Cheering was only a major passion of my life between 14 and 20, so I hope to share that with my new squad members.  If there are any surfers in the mix, please give me some pointers as to your favorite beaches in the area… I would love to go as soon as the surf is up.

If you scroll down from here, you will see many, many photos of my life.  Please feel free to look and ask questions that you may have in the comments box below or in the hallway between classes. I’m happy to answer your questions.

Week 3 and The Stress is Real

Hello people.

Do you feel it?  That’s stress.  It’s only going to get more intense.

Here is something to make you forget about it for a moment.  Friday is a special day.  It is the day, WAAAYYYYYYY back fourteen years ago in 2001, that Mr. Harris and I went on our first date.  This is a big day for us!

Here are some snapshots from the more recent past.  Can you tell which is from the day we got married?

Adam Being Gross

C and A Ann and Mitch Weddding

C and A Bartee Wedding

C and A Seattle

Ciara and Adam BBQ

Ciara and Adam Ewu GU game

Ciara and Adam Jess Jason Wedding

Ciara and Adam Wedding

C and A Turkish Dinner

O and M Wedding

The day we got engaged

Week 1– Song Parody and EE Day

Well… We didn’t see each other a whole lot this week.

Monday– Opening ceremony took our first two classes, so nothing to talk about for that

Tuesday– We had one period and you got the outline for the song parody project.  Here is a link if you lost it: Project 0– Song Parody The Bluest Eye

I have made a YouTube playlist that will help you get some social context so that you can better understand the issues of race that color the themes of the text. 

Friday– We were in the library “working” on your EE’s.

Next steps– Work on your song parody this weekend… Read the book!