Week 3 and The Stress is Real

Hello people.

Do you feel it?  That’s stress.  It’s only going to get more intense.

Here is something to make you forget about it for a moment.  Friday is a special day.  It is the day, WAAAYYYYYYY back fourteen years ago in 2001, that Mr. Harris and I went on our first date.  This is a big day for us!

Here are some snapshots from the more recent past.  Can you tell which is from the day we got married?

Adam Being Gross

C and A Ann and Mitch Weddding

C and A Bartee Wedding

C and A Seattle

Ciara and Adam BBQ

Ciara and Adam Ewu GU game

Ciara and Adam Jess Jason Wedding

Ciara and Adam Wedding

C and A Turkish Dinner

O and M Wedding

The day we got engaged

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