Week 09– Hamlet Begins

Tuesday– Intro to Hamlet, Reading Advice, 20ish Essential Literary Terms for IB

We had a little review about what you learned while reading “Romeo and Juliet” about reading plays, we covered the Dramatist Personae and I gave you some additional information about the characters, and then we dove into Act 1, scene 1 (I.i).

We took some time to set up and understand the external conflicts that were introduced, and we used some energy to identify literary techniques that were used within this section.

The last 13 minutes we watched this:

HW: Please read, summarize in your own words page by page, identify literary elements used, and focus on character in I.ii and I.iii (read up to page 47 in our copy).

I also mentioned that you will write a paper on Hamlet for Performance Grade 4.  It is due the first class in January.

Thursday– Hamlet Act 1

Friday– Hamlet Act 1-2


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