Week 08– Visual Text, Paper 1, and WT#2 Due

Tuesday– Visual Text Analysis Practice

Today in class we selected some of the images you chose and used them to practice our visual analysis skills.  Here are the images we discussed:

ima555ges Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 9.18.14 PM



Human chess


Thursday– Visual Text Warm-up, and paired text discussion

Today we started with an image to warm-up and then we moved on to IB Paper 1, discussion style.


Here are the links to the two texts.  The Guardian and Forbes was where they were found.

HW: Finish your WT for tomorrow!

Friday– Paper 1

Today we worked on a mock Paper 1.  Here are the two pieces you were given: Paper 1 War In-Class.

HW: Preview Act I of “Hamlet” for Tuesday.


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