Week 07– WT#2, Exam Review, WT#1 Review, and Twitter

Tuesday– Review WT#1 from Oct 17, Twitter Features, WT#2

Today in class, we will start with some brainstorming of Twitter features. We will look at a few feeds and examine the vocabulary surrounding the social media.

Your job: find examples of how this form of social media is portrayed in other media sources (tv, movies, FB, and any other you can think of).  How does your idea of this media match  up to, or go against what you see? Answer this bit on paper for Friday, October 31, 2014.  A paragraph or two should do it.

Then, we will review the WT#1 that you submitted October 17th.  This– or another from the binder– needs to be edited and ready to submit to the IB by November 11th, 2014.

Then, you will get an assignment for WT#2, which is due November 7th, 2014.You can find it here: WT #2 TBE Power and Privilege.

Exams will be ready on Friday, we will discuss them at that time.

Thursday– No Class– You will have TOK Today

Friday– Exam Review, Discussion of Twitter, and Visual Text Assignment

We started by going through the exam, item by item, and discussing the answers I accepted and making sure that everyone knows why a point or more was missed.

We then had a brief discussion about the assignment.  I showed some sample tweets regarding #NaNoWriMo and explained how you can all get extra credit in the month of November by participating.  10 Points will be awarded to anyone who writes a 20,000 novel in English before November 30th.  I invited you all to check out this web page: www.wyp.nanowrimo.org.  If  you would like to join you need to make a user name here and send it to me so I can add you to our virtual classroom.

I then give an assignment for Tuesday–  Please find three examples of a visual text: one funny, one serious, and one enlightening.  These need to be ready to be shared in class and discussed.  You, as the one who found the piece, should be prepared to lead a discussion if your image is selected for class.

Here are some examples: Funny, Serious, and Enlightening.  These are photos of real events or of art that was placed somewhere.  There are no added words which would create a meme or caption…

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