Week 04– In-Class Write, Reading, and Reading

We have an invalid in class, so I will be making the trek to Unity for classes this week.  There are just too many stairs for Bade to manage…


We will have an in-class write to exercise our ability to evaluate a modern, non-fiction selection in light of the study we have done of TBE.

This will take two periods + the break, so please have water with you and use the restroom before coming to class.


Written Tasks– We have two of these due this month, and one RD is due OCTOBER 17.  Here is the guidelines for this one.  What ever you do, it needs to be 800-1000 words, typed and the whole shebang, PLUS the 200-300 word rationale.  EITHER–

  • Create a missing scene from the book
    • Think about what we know about the characters
    • Think about the settings that are established in TBE
    • Consider where the story has blanks that leave you wondering
      • What happens to Sammy after Mrs. Breedlove and Cholly beat each other?
      • What happens to Junior after Pecola leaves his house?
      • What would happen if Pecola asks Sammy to let her run away with him?
      • What if Mrs. McTeer had a chat with Soaphead Church?
      • If Maureen Peal and Claudia have a chat after the end of the book, what would be said?
    • Write both the dialogue and the narration for the scene.
    • Think about the choices you are making–
      • Why choose these characters?
      • Why choose this setting, conflict, resolution?
      • How does this fit into the overall story arc?  When would you insert this into the existing narration?
    • Be able to answer/explain your choices in the 200-300 word rationale that you also need to write.
  • Take an existing scene and place it in another cultural context
    • What would happen if Claudia and Maureen Peal had the playground conversation in 2014?
    • What if Pecola watched her parents fight today?  Would she still wish to disappear?
    • What would Claudia be given for Christmas in 2014?  Would she still be given a little white doll?  How would this change her idea of beauty and herself?
    • What would Pauline learn from the movies if that was her education today?
    • How would the interactions between children change if the time period were today?  Would the scene where Pecola gets her period be the same?
      • Be able to explain why you made choices as are listed above in your rationale.

Then we worked in groups to develop ideas on theme.  If you were not here in class, you need to develop two themes, with at least three pieces of textual evidence from different sections of the novel, on the topic listed next to your name.  Be sure you not only identify the text support, but fully explain how it links to the theme you are defending.  This is due the first period of class after the Bayram.

Remember, a theme is something arguable.  If your topic were “Beauty”, you might say, “The perception of one’s own beauty is correlated with the development of confidence in children.” NOT, “White beauty is praised over black beauty.”  The first one is arguable, where the second one is not in the context of the novel.

  • Omer Kaan- Innocence
  • Selen- Race
  • Firat- Jealousy
  • Damla- Love
  • Kayra- Sex
  • Ezgi- Society and Class


No classes today.  Happy Bayram!

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