Week 03– Presentations, Vocab, and Exotic Beauty

Tuesday– Presentations plagued by tech issues…

Today we got through four presentations.


Great presentations, but lousy technology!

Thursday– Presentations!

Today we managed many more presentations, but still have 4 to finish on Friday.

Please remember to study your vocabulary and listen to the podcast.

Friday– Presentations, Vocab, and a Podcast…

Today we finished the presentations. YEAH!!!

We then took a group vocabulary quiz.  I’m sure we will do better the next time we try this format.

For Tuesday, get ready for an in class writing assignment.  You will have90 minutes, so no break between period 4 and 5.  Listen to the podcast again and take notes, you can bring  your notes with you in lieu of a transcript for the podcast.  I will give you a new piece from pop culture about “beauty” and your job will be to examine the language, how it is used, and how meaning is created.

You should also think about this in light of reading TBE…

Peace out people, and have a good weekend.

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