Week 02– Quizzy Poo, Heated Discussion, Study Guide, IOC

This week, I have a new toy!  Let’s see if it works properly…


TBE quiz.  Let me know what you thought of the format.

Discussion groups with guided questions, followed by whole class recap.  We have not finished yet, so remember to bring these on Thursday to complete them.

HW– Please be working on your presentation for next week! Practice makes perfect.  10-15 minutes… don’t be less than 10, and don’t go over 15!


We will continue the class recap of the study guides.  Then review the commonly missed questions on the quizzy poo… after that, we’ve got to review the internal calendar.  We need to have after school session to practice the individual oral commentary (IOC).  I will let you pick your day, but you need to do it in the next two weeks.

Then we will focus our energy back on TBE, where I will model my awesome close reading skills for you and blow your mind.  This is my gift to you as I show you what a IOC should look and sound like.  Me, 40ish lines of the book, and a few guiding questions… It’ll be a good show.

HW– Please read and annotate the article, “Dick-and-Jane and the Shirley Temple Sensibility in the Bluest Eye”, that was given out today in class. Please remember that part of annotation is becoming familiar with new vocabulary…  There is a lot of it in this article!

Additionally, if you have edits to make to your outline for your FOA, please get those to me before lunch on Friday (that’s tomorrow!).

Side note: no one earned the five bonus points that I had on offer.  I guess no one really looks at the main page of my site or watches the videos I find for you. Bummer.


For the FOA, here is the order:

  • Tuğba
  • Akay
  • Selen
  • Yusuf
  • Kaan K.
  • Bade
  • Ezgi
  • Kayra
  • Damla
  • Deniz
  • Firat
  • Sefa
  • Kaan Ç.

Remember, the first 8 should be ready to go Tuesday, September 23, and the rest will go on Thursday, September 25.

For the IOC, we also have after school days chosen:

  • Wednesday, September 24: Selen, Kaan Ç, and Firat
  • Thursday, September 25: Bade, Akay, Sefa, and Yusuf
  • Friday, September 26: Kayra, Kaan K., and Tuğba
  • Wednesday, October 1: Deniz, Ezgi, and Damla

Thank you to those of you who live in the dorms and Tarsus, for volunteering to let Mersin and Adana folks go first so that they can take the service buses.  Prep room will be S5 (with Hatice hanim) and recording room will be S9 (with Ms. Johnson).  The first person should begin prep at 3:50, so that we can stay on schedule.  Please decide your order amongst yourselves, and let me know the order for each day.

After this was decided, we had a little chat about annotating reading passages and I highlighted 23 vocabulary terms that will be quizzed in the near future.

In the second hour, we discussed the reading passage from the homework.  Nice job as a class on this by the way.

HW: Finish your FOA for Tuesday, and PRACTICE THEM for god’s sake.  Automatic failures for presentations less than 10 minutes or more than 15.  The grading criteria can be found in “LL Guide 2015 Examination“.  And look how nice I am… I give you a link here!

HW: Listen to a podcast before Friday, September 26.  Please be listening to this in light of your reading and understanding of TBE.  Think about how times have shifted (or not). You can find the podcast here: Mom Stuff Podcast on “Exotic Beauty”

HW: Review that list of vocab we discussed from the article.  Make sure you have more than a passing understanding of each of them.




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