Week 14– Career Day, Hamlet Quiz (Act 4/5), and Hamlet Big Ideas

Tuesday– Career Day or Hamlet Paper

Tuesday was Career Day and many of you are involved with the event and out of classes today.  If  you are in class, you will have time to work on your “Hamlet” paper research in the library.

Thursday– Quiz, Motifs, Big Ideas

Today we start with a little quiz. Then we have some time to work in motif groups.  After that, we discussed the big ideas in the play.

HW: The following are not new assignments, but continuing assignments and reminders!

  • WT#1 and  WT#2 both due in final draft form on MONDAY December 22
  • “Hamlet” Paper RD due December 26– Look at the grade sheet!
    • Thesis work in class December 23
    • Writing day December 25 in class
  • Epistle Conversation between Ophelia and someone outside of the play (WT#1 format) due December 22
  • FOA Topics Due–
    • Kaan/Firat (Present Jan ?)– late  Language and Power?
    • Sefa/Akay/Damla (Present Jan ?)– Language and Power: Street Art as Propaganda
    • Kayra/Kaan/Ezgi (Present Jan 19)– late Language and Power?
    • Tugba (Present First Jan 12)– Language and the Individual: Fandom of Supernatural
    • Deniz/Selen/Bade (Present Second Jan 12)– Language and Taboo: Comedy use of the “F” word and it’s linguistic value

Friday– Hamlet Big Ideas


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