Week 12– Review, Exam, and Hamlet Paper

Monday– Act 3 Discussion

Due today: SIFT/SQUID, and FOS worksheet for act 1-3.

We will discuss some of the interesting aspects of act 3 and investigate the motif of “rot/life” and how the language in the act reflects these ideas.

I will share with you some information regarding the exam tomorrow as well.

HW: Review for the exam tomorrow.

Tuesday– Exam

That covers it.

Thursday/Friday– Hamlet Paper Individual Preparation

As we have lost 4 class hours, you should use this time to work on your Hamlet Paper.  Here is the project grading rubric that I will be using to evaluate your projects: Hamlet Paper Grade Sheet

Please take a good look at this.  It is not strictly an IB rubric due to the fact that this is a project grade and not strictly an IB task.  Please email me if you have any questions.

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