Week 01– EE, Songs, and Reading

Hello mis pequeños pollos.  Here is a little recap of the week… in case you forgot to write it in your planner!


We said hello.  I also told you that we would have a TBE (The Bluest Eye) quiz on September 16th.

I asked you to choose a topic for the first FOA (further oral activity).  You need to give me the topic on Friday, the outline on September 16th, and you will present starting September 29th.  We will draw for order on September 24th in class.


We worked on remembering how to be students and think by looking at three songs.

We had a great discussion in class, marred by some technical issues.  I asked you to write 400 words on something you found interesting about the language for September 16th.  Remember, this should be typed, in MLA format, and contain multiple paragraphs.  Oh, and some sort of thesis.  But you already know all of this, so this is just a reminder.


EE Day in the library.


EE Day in the library. You also turned in your topic choice for the FOA #1 that we will start on Sept 29th.


Remember that there will be a TBE quiz on Tuesday, September 16th!

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