Week 01: PPR 2 Revision Groups

Monday: Mindfulness and Revision Groups

Ms. Johnson started the day by discussing what she expects when she gives students a chance to redeem their marks.

  • High quality work should be given to the teacher when you get a second chance– you will have a late penalty so you need to do your best work
  • The majority of the class is phoning in their effort and the result is that many people still have very low marks
  • This situation is making Ms. Johnson crazy as she feels that she cares more about your grades than you do
  • The severity of the situation seems to be lost on many of you– you are in danger of loosing your acceptance to schools, or any scholarships that may be dependent on your GPA.  Failing/nearly failing second semester of senior English is a very bad move.

The message is this– Many of you are still in “Jail” and will be asked to try again on several sub-par assignments.

Johnson Split- The Stranger

Today we worked on identifying quotes that relate to certain aspects which the IB tend to focus on: Character, Theme, Author’s Style, Reader’s Response, and Context/Conflict.  Your task was to find quotes in each of these area, classify them as such, and write a small rationale for your decision of classification.  Once a quote was highlighted, it could not be used again for this activity.

Assignment: Finish populating the Google Docs for this project (link).  Then– read each of the pages and comment/question on the contributions of your classmates. I should see your participation in this in the sidebar comments.

MacDonell Split- Handmaids Tale

Character sketches and info graphic assignment.

Wednesday: Split

Johnson Split– The Stranger

Continue working on the quote hunt for part two of the text and contribute to the shared study documents.

Assignment: Novel study sheet for “The Stranger”– you should fill this in with your own handwriting.  This sheet is intended to be looked at daily for 3-5 minutes.  I will check this on Friday. 

MacDonell Split– Handmaids Tale