Week 06: Project Work and Start

Monday: Work Time

We drew for order today.

  • Block E
    • Japan (March 1 and 7)
    • Africa (March 9 and 13)
    • Middle East (March 15 and 23)
    • China (March 27 and 29)
  • Block G
    • Middle East (March 3 and 7)
    • China (March 9 and 13)
    • Japan (March 15 and 23)
    • Africa (March 27 and 29)

*these dates have been adjusted to reflect the guest speaker. 

Then you had work time in your group to complete any items needed.

I gave a mini lesson on writing active and passive voice samples to assist you with your reading journal assignments.

Assignment: Prepare for your presentation as needed.

Assignment: Reading journals are due– Block E- 9 entries on March 3; Block G- 12 entries on March 9.  

Reminder: The last day for book talks this quarter is March 23/24.  Please make sure you are planning ahead to get this done before then. 

Addendum: We will have a guest speaker on Wednesday (Block G) and Friday (Block E) for 40 minutes of the period.  The first presenting groups will have additional time on the 7th as needed, and I hope we can get on track there.

Wednesday: Group 1

Block E– Started Japan.

Assignment: Review Zen Parable for Quiz.

Block G– Guest speaker.  One day delay to project start.

Friday: Group 1

Block E– Guest speaker.
Block G– Start “The Middle East”.

Here is the background PP from Dex and Cindy: middle-east-intro-pp-block-g

Assignment: Finish “Sinbad”. Write three fact based questions about the story and submit them to Dex and Cindy by Saturday. Quiz on Tuesday. 

Assignment: Read “Night” on page 579.