Week 02: Beowulf Quiz and EC Project

Monday: Quiz and Work Time

We started today with the quiz over sections 1-20.

After that, I handed out the new Reading Journal prompts for semester 2. Your first 9 entries for the reading journal are due February 9, 2017.  Please note the changes in the grading as are outlined in the document you received today in class. reading-journal-tasks-semester-2

Then, I gave you time to work on reading sections 21-35.  By the end of class Friday, you should have one fill-in-the-blank style question (like you saw on the quiz today) for each of the 15 sections you are reading this week.  You must include an answer key for your questions.  You and your reading partner should not have the same questions.

I also introduced an extra credit project related to Beowulf.  You can see the outline here: beowulf-extra-credit-project

Assignment: 15 fill-in-the-blank style questions with answer key due January 20 at the end of class

Assignment: Reading journal- 9 entries due February 9, 2017.

Assignment (EXTRA CREDIT): Beowulf text to move analysis essay due February 7, 2017.