Week 06: Frida Kahlo and SpringBoard and Hapa

Monday: Understanding Grades, Frida Kalho, and “Legal Alien”

Today, we first addressed the many questions regarding grading and the quality of work that is submitted to me.  Please always read directions and ask questions BEFORE the assignment is due to insure that you can complete the assignment correctly.

Then we moved on to the OPTIC activity on page 30 in the workbook.  There was some interesting conversation which shows that you clearly have thought about the visual text and how it related to the information in the biography.

We then went over some poetry reading skills and worked through “Legal Alien” on page 32.  We discussed how to use SIFT (Symbol, Imagery, Figurative Language, and Tone/Theme) as a way to guide thinking about a poem.

Assignment: Pg. 31- #5, 6, 7, and 10; pg. 33- #12 and 13; and pg. 34- #1 and 2.  Please answer these questions and be ready for class on Wednesday.

LATE Assignment: Make your SpringBoard Account!!  https://americaninternational.springboardonline.org


Wednesday: “By Any Other Name” and FD of Vignette

Today we looked at the RD of the vignettes as well as the rubric for the FD of the vignette.  You should understand what improvements you need to make to your RD for the FD and use the rubric to guide your revisions.

We set a due date of October 3, but I have just discovered that Q1 marks are due that day.  FD of the vignette project will be September 29, 2016, to allow me more than 3 hours to grade your work.

After looking at the RD and making sure everyone understands what Ms. Johnson’s codes mean, we moved into the next story, “By Any Other Name”.

Assignment: Finish reading the story we started in class today– you can access the audio file in SpringBoard.  Please make sure that you annotate your text.  Please be an active reader and make connections to the text, work on learning unknown vocabulary, and look at how this author has incorporated cultural context into the flow of the story.  You can do the same with your vignette project.

Assignment: Work on your final draft of your vignette.  Make yourself a timeline so that it will be completed before the due date.  You must turn three things to me: final draft, grading rubric, and RD with my comments to you.  It should be in that order with a staple or a clip holding it all together.

Assignment: Work on your reading journal!!  Journals will be due next week with 9 entries!

Assignment: Review “Ethnic Hash” and “Two Kinds” in preparation for an open text quiz on Friday.

Friday: Quiz, Table Talk, and “Hapa”

Today we have a busy day.  So, before I forget, here are some things you might want to look at.  Here is a PP on how to plan and prepare for your book talk: book-talk. The grading rubric is on the last slide and I will give out hard copies in class.

Thanks to Violet for being brave and giving the first book talk of the year today.

Then we went to the computer lab to see what happens when we take a SpringBoard digital quiz.  The mark today will go into your “Skills Practice” category, not the “Quiz” category as it was our first try with this.

There was 15 minutes to read your individual book.

Then, we had table talk time to work on the reflection questions for “By Any Other Name”.

Assignment: Complete all work and reading on pages 40-43– Make sure you spend some time really working on the SOAPSTone chart!

Assignment: Continue working on your individual book and prepare your book talk for Tuesday or Thursday.

Assignment: Make sure you are working on your final draft of your vignette– Due September 29!!!!