Week 02: Beowulf Section 1 and 2

Tuesday/Thursday: New Vocab and Quiz

This semester, instead of the reading journals, the grade 11 classes will be focusing on developing vocabulary by targeted focus on Greek and Latin root parts.  Here is how you will do the lessons:

  1. Record the three root parts that I assign to you each week at the top of a blank page in your reading journal.
  2. Look up the root parts using the resource I gave you.  Write the definition in your reading journal.
  3. Brainstorm words that contain the root parts for several minutes.  You should try and reach 20 words in total.
  4. Choose a total of 6 words- 2 for each base part- from your brainstorm list.
  5. Define the words using the dictionary– write the definition in your reading journal.
  6. “Root out” the word using the resource I gave you.  Write the meanings of the base parts UNDER the word.
  7. Write a sentence for each word that includes a context clue.

This week, this was a bit slow.  I expect you will get faster at this as we go on.

After going through the new vocabulary project, the class had a quiz on Beowulf part 1-3.  This was a multiple choice quiz of 10 questions– pretty easy.

Then, you had time as table groups or individuals to go over your study guide to sort out any difficulties.

HW: Work on the vocabulary assignment as needed.

HW: Be ready for a quiz over section 4-7 in the next class period.

HW: Finish your Hrothgar work sheet that was given in class today.

HW: Finish your annotations for part 8-end of the text.  

Friday/Monday: Quiz and Projects

In class today we worked on the vocabulary assignment and, hopefully, got all of the questions worked out.

Then, we quizzed over parts 4-7.  This took about 10 minutes.

After that, we worked on creating kennings… You had 10 nouns to turn into kennings– make sure you get your’s pinned to the bulletin board.

Next we looked at the “Beowulf Boast Poem” assignment and spent time brainstorming what you are good at.  We will be working on this in class for the next few periods, but you need to be thinking about what you are good at!

Then I gave you the Not-A-Test-Test.  You need to make your selections and start working on your project.  The due date for this is January 31/February 1, but I will listen to any conflicts you may have on that day if you raise them ASAP.

HW: Quiz over part 8-end next class

HW: Finish all annotations/SG questions.

HW: Brainstorm for Boast Poem assignment

HW: Work on Not-A-Test-Test selections.