Week 01: Start Beowulf

Monday/Tuesday: Anticipation Guide and Start Reading Guide

Hello all- I’m sorry that I can’t be there with you today.  I hope to be back before the end of the week, but I can’t promise that as I write this.

Please start the day by reading for 15 minutes.  You can read “Beowulf” if you don’t have your personal reading book.

After that, please complete this, 1. Beowulf Anticipation Guide, individually.  You will need to record your answers on a sheet of paper that you can submit to me.  After you have finished the sheet individually- please talk to your table group about the things you selected to comment on.  This discussion should take less than 10 minutes.

After you have completed the anticipation guide, please review this PPT: Beowulf PPT for 2018

You will want to study the information in this PPT carefully as it will help you with a quiz next week.  I would pay attention to all of the bolded words, the vocabulary terms, and the historical context information- so basically all of it.

If you finish the above work, then you can start on the reading guide: Beowulf Reading Guide

HW: Make sure that you have completed the annotations for “Beowulf”.  I will check them as soon as I return so be ready.

HW: Make sure you have completed the anticipation guide and carefully studied the PPT listed above.  

Wednesday/Thursday: Reading Guide

Today, please start the class by reading your INDEPENDENT reading book for 15 minutes.

After the first 15 minutes, please then work at your table groups on the Beowulf Reading Guide- listed above in Monday/Tuesday’s instructions.

You will need to write your own answers down on paper, in your own handwriting, so that I can see what your table groups talked about for each question.  Please carefully note the page number and line number where you find details that support the answers you record.  There are some page numbers listed in the reading guide, but I have not double-cripple checked this guide with the version I gave you before break.  It should be close, but I’m not going to promise 100% accuracy.

If you have questions that come up, or you are not quite sure how to answer a question, make note of it and do your best- we can discuss problematic questions when I return.

HW: Finish the first, second, and third sections of the reading guide for Friday/Monday’s class. This is questions 1-18.

Friday/Monday: More Reading Guide

Please start the day with 15 minutes of reading from your independent book.

After that, please complete this writing assignment on your own paper: Grendel Description WS. You should spend about 25 minutes on this part of the assignment.

Then, please continue at your table groups to work on the reading guide.  Your job is to complete the 4-7 section of the reading guide, questions 19-45. You will have about 45 minutes in class to work on this part of the assignment.

HW: Complete the reading guide work that remains from today’s assignment question 19-45.