Week 06: Writers’ Workshop on Wisdom

Tuesday/Wednesday: Review the Rubric and Workshop #1

Today in class we, first, reviewed the rubric for this writing assignment: Common Core Writing Rubric

Then we worked to apply parts of the rubric to our table groups for editing.  You were asked to use different colors and look for only a specific part of the rubric criteria in the papers you are editing.  This took the whole of class.

HW: Make edits to your RD#1 based on the feedback you got today.

HW: Bring a clean copy of the paper to the next class.

HW: NoRedInk.com quiz needs to be finished before end of day Friday.  This will be an assignment grade. 

HW: Work on your reading journals and NoRedInk.com assignments. 

Thursday/Friday: Embedding Quotations and Workshop #2

B Block- here are the samples we made in class today.  Embedded Quotes B Block

E Block- here are the samples we made in class today. Block E Embedded Quotation Samples

Please remember the following:

  • Your ideas about wisdom are more important than the quotes- so you “hug” the direct quotation with your own words and ideas.
  • You need to keep the quotations short- use a combination of paraphrase and quotation to make your point.
  • I am looking for in-text citations for each quote.
  • Your ideas/words should be at least 2:1 with the number of words in the quote you are using
  • You will need a works cited page– so give that a try.  This will be edited/revised next week.

HW: Make edits to your draft and bring a clean copy to the next class. Here is a sample you can look at for formatting issues: Sample MLA Format for Student Reference

HW: Reading journals are due September 22… 

HW: NoRedInk.com — there are things that need doing here!