Extra Credit Anyone?

Literary PUN-kins

English Bonus Activity–Up to 20 Points

To add a little levity to English classes this Halloween, we will be creating and decorating some literary pumpkins in the semblance of our favorite literary characters.


  1. Let me know who your favorite literary character is by, well, as soon as you can (so we don’t have duplicates).
  2. Create your pumpkin character using anything you want—Sky’s the limit!
  3. Provide a “setting” or a habitat for your character to exist within.  This doesn’t need to be huge, but some sort of setting to help your character make sense is needed.
  4. Include a placard to accompany your pumpkin which will be on display in the school. Include the following information and should be 250-300 words in total:
    1. Character’s name
    2. Book title and author’s name
    3. Descriptive quotation(s) about your character
    4. A brief explanation of why this is your favorite character
    5. Reasons (at least two) why other students would enjoy this book
    6. Your name

Turn your PUN-kin in before school on October 31.  Details of where will be provided closer to the date.

Here are some images of ones that have been done in the past to get your ideas flowing.






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