Week 09– TBE Quiz, Shakespeare (SG for the Play), and EE

Monday– Quiz and Sonnets

Today we started with a brief quiz over TBE literary devices and impacts of said devices on a specific passage.

Then we moved into a discussion of Sonnet 18.  I think you are starting to get the hang of how to approach Shakespearean Sonnets!

Then we broke into three groups to each examine a sonnet.  You need to be come an expert in the sonnet and be ready to present it period 5 on Friday.

HW: Sonnet group work, read Act I of Hamlet before November 16, and work on your FOA as needed.

Tuesday– EE 1/2 Day

We will be in the library and you will have time to finish your EE today.

Friday–Sonnets Start Act 1

Today we worked on Act 1… most of the groups were gone, so no group presentations.

HW: Finish reading Act I of Hamlet for Monday and work on your FOA as needed.

Hamlet Act 1 Study Guide

Hamlet Act 2 SG

Hamlet Act 3 Study Guide

Hamlet act 4 sg

Hamlet Act 5 SG

Hamlet Extra Credit Project