Week 08– TBE Analysis, Housekeeping (IOC/FOA dates), and Quiz

Monday– Holiday, no classes

Tuesday– Housekeeping and Work Time

Sorry to day, but we needed to take some time today to do housekeeping tasks to outline the next half of the semester.  Here are the things you should know:

  • IOC that were scheduled for this week and next are moved to the week of November 30th- December 7 due to meetings, and parent conferences.  I know you are sad about this one.
    • Monday, November 30– Arda, Can, Nevzat, and Ege Su
    • Wednesday, December 2– Canceled due to a meeting– ARG!
    • Thursday, December 3– Ozgar, Goksin, Ege, and Yildiz
    • Monday, December 7–Elif, and Uygar
  • FOA topics will be assigned by Ms. Johnson for the next round.  Here are the dates  you need to know.
    • November 16– Can
    • November 17– Elif and Uygar
    • November 20– Goksin
    • November 30– Ege and Arda
    • December 1– Yildiz
    • December 4– Ozgar
    • December 8– Ege Su
    • December 11– Nevzat
  • We then looked over the rubrics for the first FOAs.  You have a second part to do and that is write the reflective statement.  Please address the following question in your discussion.  It should be 300+ words, in MLA format, and turned in by Friday, November 6, 2015.
    • To what extent did I accomplish what I set out to do in terms of the learning outcomes stated in the LL Subject Guide for part 1 or 2 of the class?
  • You were asked to turn in the TBE Analysis sheet from last week.  I will mark it and return it so that you can study for the quizzes.
  • Quizzes– One Friday, and one Monday.  They will be 20 minutes each and look like the two question types from the practice sheet.

We then had about 30 minutes for you to work in class.  Some worked on the reflective statement and some worked to finish the homework from last week on TBE Analysis.

Friday– Quiz, FOA Topics, and Shakespeare

Today we started with a 20 minute quiz.

Then, FOA topics were distributed and I addressed the issue of partnership and any other questions that arose regarding the specifics of the tasks.

Because you dropped a bomb on me that you have never read any Shakespeare before, today we started by looking at some Shakespearean Sonnets.  You can find my list here: A Sampling of Shakespearean Sonnets

Here is a list of essential, but not exhaustive, vocabulary to not sound like an idiot when you talk about Shakespearean Sonnets: sonnet, quatrain, couplet, iamb, iambic, pentameter, blank verse, stanza, meter, rhyme scheme, end rhyme, conflict, theme, cadence, and resolution.

You also need to use all of the normal vocabulary that you would when talking about literary devices… I’m going to assume you have a good handle on what that is by this point.

HW: Please read sonnet 18 and know what the action is for Monday. We will be digging in to it a bit and I need you to have an idea of what the topic/action/plot is.

HW: Remember to read Act I of Hamlet before class on Monday, November 16.  “Shakespeare in Bits: Hamlet” app!