Week 05– FOA Insanity

Monday– FOA and Exam Review

Today we had one great FOA to start us off.  Thanks for that Yildiz!

Then we worked on a set of texts that are similar to what you will encounter on the exam in May.  The topic was “Birds”.  Here are the texts if you would like to revisit them: Paper 1 Practice Birds

HW: We have worked for about 30 minutes, so take 90 more and see what you can write.  Give this to me by Sunday at 2:30 PM if you would like feedback next Monday morning.

Tuesday– FOA

We had four FOAs today.  Thanks for the hard work people.

Friday– FOA

Today, there were three FOAs.  Most of you can now focus on the exam and preparation for it.  Some of you should still be working on your FOA.