Week 04– “Language and Social Relations”, Non-Fiction Chapter Analysis and Review, FOA Prep, and TBE

Monday– FOA Outlines and “Language and Social Relations” Investigation

Today we broke into two groups (even birth months and odd birth months) to look at two non-fiction selections from texts related to the topic of “Language and Social Relations”.  In your group you had time to do the following:

  • Read and annotate the article
  • Discuss the important aspects of the article in the group
  • Formulate a summary to share with the class

This will be presented in class Tuesday, so please get this figured out.

We also took time to have individual conferences about the FOA you are working on.  I believe most of you know what steps you need to take next to get prepared.  Here are the presentation dates and times:

  • Monday, October 12, 2015, Period 1– Can and Yildiz
  • Tuesday, October 13, 2015, Period 8 and 9– Goksin, Ege Su, Elif, and Ozgur
  • Friday, October 16, 2015, Period 5 and 6– Ege, Nevzat, Arda, and Uygar

HW: Finish the essay that is due tomorrow from last week and work on the summary from the reading selection you were given today.  Make time to work on you FOA and get prepared for next week.

Tuesday– FOA Check (as needed), and Chapter Summary Presentations

Today we managed to get a quick check-in for the FOA next week.  Then you had some time to work on the chapter presentations and gave “presentations” of the text to the class.

It was a bit rushed at the end, but I was able to get a sense of how you all will be in front of the class.

HW: Work on your FOA for next week. 

Friday– IOC Rubrics Returned, SIFT/DIDLS/SQUIDS Strategy for IOC Attack

Well, we were feeling a little crushed today after seeing the initial IOC marks.  You should have access to the audio files through the link I sent via email.  Ask a friend for the link to the google drive folder if you have not gotten the email.

Many of us need to figure out a way to create organization in our commentaries, and this is true for the IOC and many of the written pieces that have been turned into me so far this year.  To help us focus our energy, I shared with you a set of strategies which have created student success in the past.  Here is the PPT that was used in class: sift_ppt

Here is the SQUIDS strategy outlined a bit more clearly than I covered it in class:

  • What are you doing: Choose quotes that stand out in the text for their effect; find quotes that are significant to the theme of the work, as well as character development and motifs; select quotes that affect you as a reader.
  1. Select a Quotation: Copy the quotation; include page number. NOTE: A quotation can be from the narrative – it does NOT have to be from the dialogue of a character. The quotation needs to be of sufficient length for in-depth analysis – the “10 words or less” rule does not apply to this assignment.
  2. Understand:Prove your understanding by writing about the quotation’s relevance to the section of the work in which it is found and the work as a whole. Describe the meaning of the quote and why it is important. “I understand that ________ because _____”
  3. Identify: Identify the context in which the quote appears – what happened before and after the words you chose? Where/when does it appear in the text? Identify any literary devices or elements of literature you detect (such as metaphor, simile, personification, symbolism, characterization, allusion etc.)
  4. Describe the Significance: What makes this quote important? Why does it stand out? How does it make you, the reader, take notice? Connect the passage to at least one of the following: Pip’s character arc, motifs (including great expectations, contrasts, and doubles), and/or relevance to the essential question of “what’s important in life?”

HW: Reflect on the IOC Rubric that was returned to you, the audio file that you have now listened to, and the information from the SIFT/DIDLS/SQUIDS information from class and WRITE DOWN what you can do when we try the IOC again to lead to a better outcome for you.

HW: Work on you FOA presentation for next week. 

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