Week 02– TBE, EE Day, and Parody Presentations

Monday– Hot, Hot, HOT and TBE Parody Work

Today we finally got to go over the grading of the class.  You can find it here: IB Course description 2015-16

We also talked about the course matrix.  You are invited to contribute ideas if you think another topic will be more engaging to investigate.  Check your IB Literature and Language (first exams 2015) course guide for details on topics for part 1 and 2 of the course.  Senior Year syllabus for IB

We got signed up for the first and second IOC after school:

Round one:

  • September 17– Ege Su
  • September 28– Can, Elif, Uygar, and Ege
  • September 30– Ozgur, Arda, Nevzat, and Goksin
  • October 2– Yildiz

Round two:

  • October 30– Can, and Ege Su
  • November 4– Arda, Ozgur, Elif, and Goksin
  • November 6– Yildiz
  • November 11– Nevzat, Uygar, and Ege

Then you got 40 lovely minutes to work on your song parody.

Tuesday– EE DAY (again)

This is your third EE Day of the year.  Make the best of it!

Thursday!!– Surprise Lesson!!– P1 Language in cultural context

Today we had a great time, well.. I had a great time…, looking at a section from the novel “Feed” by M. T. Anderson.

  • Discussion of specific vocabulary that marked the “in-group” depicted by the text
  • Grouping/classifying the identified vocabulary in terms of how it is used
  • Reading an additional selection of literary criticism of “Feed” and looking at how language use is discussed
  • Contrasting the language used in the novel to the language used in the literary criticism… both show evidence of specific jargon/”in-group” language

Then, I shared with you several possible approaches regarding this area (P1) and how you might start creating a FOA…  HINT: You have an FOA coming soon, so start thinking about it.

HW: brainstorm a list of emergent language/new vocabulary forms that you have experience with.  Write down as much as you can in terms of what the group was, how it functioned, what language features/specific vocabulary marked the group, what the “learning curve” was like in getting “in” with the language group.

Friday– Parody Presentations and P1 if there is time

Great job today with the presentations and live performances.

Here is what you need to do over the vacation:

  1. Listen to this podcast
  2. Listen to this podcast too
    1. Think about all of the questions I asked in class today in context of these podcasts
    2. Could you address the question “Is language dependent on culture?” or any of the other many questions that are raised by these podcasts?
  3. Re-read and annotate TBE
  4. Complete the tasks from the summer homework assignment: IB 12 Summer 2015 Work

I’ll see you Monday, September 28th.

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