Week 03– TBE: Digging Into It

Monday– Quiz, POC, and TBE Discussion

Today we had a short reading quiz over TBE.  I wanted to make sure you have all read the book.

Then, we had a bit of a Q and A about the Summer HW… The document that should be your bible for this class is here: LL Guide 2015 Examination

Following this, I took a quick check of your annotations (shame, shame on some of you!), and then we got into the discussion of the text.  Today we covered the following with minimal tangents: Form/Structure of the novel, narrative voice/POV, plot diagram (especially the conflict, climax, and resolution), and then you got some home work.

HW: Due Friday, October 2, 2015– For each of the 4 seasons of the book, identify ONE literary device you think is key in the section and find THREE good examples of where that literary device is used.  You can choose one literary device for the entire novel, or you can change your selected literary device for each of the four sections.  I will be checking to see that you have identified the device by name and have a total of 12 examples from the text.

  • Please have something you can turn into me– paper with your name, the focus device, the page numbers for the example, and the start and finish of the quote.  You don’t need to write the whole thing out if you don’t want to.
  • If you did a good job annotating you text– this should be easy…

Tuesday– Visual Text Focus, Reading Images, Mass Communication Today

First, we looked at these images (TBE Images for Study) and reviewed the concepts of composition, color, theme, mood, tone, and characterization.  We also used the same images to think about TBE and what these images help us to understand about the text: what characters do we think of, what situations are echoed or illustrated?

Then, we went to the library to work on the following assignment:

  • Thinking about Media and Mass Communication, one of our topics, select one form of mass communication and find an example that shows a current societal value.
  • The images we looked at today in class are examples of how mass communication (photography and cartoons) was able to show the societal images of the past.
  • Your job is to find something similar that reflects a modern value/values (not older than 10 years) and write 200-300 words explaining your selection and how it reflects/shows a current societal value.  You will need to identify the culture the example you choose is from, copy it into your document, and give the link as well.

HW: Finish this today in class and turn it in, or finish it at home and turn it in Friday.

Friday– TBE Literary Devices Discussion

So it turns out that we had a harder time with the assignment from Monday than I thought we would.  Here is what you need to do now:


  • Choose ONE literary device from ONE season in the book– Find at least THREE examples to evaluate– maybe more.
  • Write me an essay that answers the following question:
    • To what effect does the author use the literary device in her novel?
  • Your thesis should sound like this:
    • Within “Spring” from “The Bluest Eye”, Toni Morrison uses metaphor to create a sense of revulsion within the reader in regard to the actions of Cholly toward Pekola which contributes to the overall sense of outrage the reader has when Pekola is then punished by her mother after reporting the rape. <– this is totally made up– I don’t think you can defend this based on the text.  
  • You should be able to answer this question, with an intro, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion, in three pieces of paper, maybe four… NOT 10!!
  • The class voted, and this is due Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Also HW:

  • Go read the pages related to the FOA in the English: Language and Literature Course Handbook (First examinations 2015): LL Guide 2015 Examination
  • Find a subject for your FOA (Further Oral Activity).
  • Create an outline so that I can see what sources you are using and how it will fill 15-20 minutes.
  • Give this to me Monday, October 5, 2015, so that I can make suggestions or lead you into a direction that will be better/stronger in terms of what the IB needs you to do
  • Bring your calendar with you to class Monday to sign-up for a presentation day (October 12, 13, or 16).

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