2014-15 Term Homework

First Meeting, November 17, 2014– Assign Stories, Lit. Circle Roles, and Next Meeting Date

“Cold Sassy Tree” team is Egemen, Emre, and Idil.  We will meet next on December 2, at 7 PM in the meeting room at the dormitory.  Please read the whole story and have your circle roles done.  Egemen is Word Master, Emre is Super Summarizer, and Idil is Discussion Director.

“Star Girl” team is Bertil, Sude, and Selin.  We will meet next on November 24th or 25th at lunch.  Selin is in charge of emailing me and letting me know.  You need to read the first 4 chapters of your section.  Bertil is Word Master, Sude is Super Summarizer, and Selin is Discussion Director.  We will then meet again the week of December 1-5 to finish reading the story.

Due to the difficulty of finding a time, we will meet December 2 at 8 PM.  Please finish reading to the end of the section, but change  your roles: Bertil is Super Summarizer, Sude is Discussion Director, and Selin is Word Master for this section.

“Cold Sassy Tree” Group:

Meeting 1- December 2, 7 PM– see above for details

Meeting 2- December 8, 7 PM– Reread chapters 1-3.  We will work on chapters 4-5 together to understand the content.

Meeting 3- December 10, 7 PM– We will work on chapters 6-8 to understand the content.

Meeting 4- December____________– Thesis development.

Meeting 5- December ____________


“Star Girl” Group:

Meeting 1- December 2, 8 PM– See above for details,

Meeting 2- December 4, 7 PM– Work on understanding plot and start to work on character analysis of Stargirl.  Assignment: create a character chart of Stargirl.  Please  find at least 15 quotes that describe her character (physical, personality, or emotions).  On your character chart (A3 paper), use pictures and drawings to create a “person”.  Then, place the quotes you have found around the image connected to the image you have created of Stargirl.  Please include the page number where you found the quote from the book.

Meeting 3- December 9, 7 PM– Bring your completed Stargirl Character to share and discuss.  We will be developing a thesis to base your paper on for the rest of the year.

Meeting 4- December ____________ — Thesis development.

Meeting 5- December ____________

5 thoughts on “2014-15 Term Homework

  1. Hello Ms.Johnson,
    When is our Term Homework?
    Will we read all chapters in the book?
    Please,can you explain for me?

    • Egemen, Please read the whole thing. We will meet Tuesday at 7 PM in the dorm meeting room to discuss it and move on to the next steps. If you have questions, bring them at that time.

  2. Ms.Johnson,I’m so so sorry but I can’t understand the book.So,I am very stressful.What will I do?I read 2 times.

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