Week 08: Understanding Argument Structures

Tuesday: Examining the parts of an argument

We were very busy in-class today!

The first activity was independent reading and that was followed by some book talks.

Then we looked at “Declaration of the Rights of the Child” and worked with our partners to make sure we have identified the key elements of the argument and the evidence supporting the claims properly. After we paired, we shared with the class and evaluated out success as individuals.

Then we addressed the “after reading” task as a class and shared our impressions of how the chart provides knowledge that can support aspects of the reading.

Moving on, we looked at the during reading task for “School’s Out for Summer” and I took a small tangent to share with you how hunger impacted my personal life.

I read the text to you, as you focused on the “during reading” tasks stated on page 157.

Assignment: Finish annotating the text according to the “during reading” tasks.

Assignment: Be ready to discuss the “after reading” question on page 159 in class Thursday.

Thursday: Parts of an argument continued

Today we started with some praise to you for demonstrating a high level of success in your reading journals.  I am impressed by the level of critical thinking being evidenced in these tasks! You are really bringing your “A game”.  There were celebratory Jelly Belly for the class.

Then, as per usual, some reading, and then some book talks.

After, we moved on to discuss the argument structure of “School’s Out” as a pair, and then a class.  We identified parts of the argument and some persuasive appeals.  I pointed out that you will be writing something similar to this in a short time and you should look at this model.

Then we broke into row teams to discuss the after reading task.

Assignment: Complete the “before reading” and “during reading” task on page 160, as you read “One Word of Truth…” and “Hope, Despair, and Memory”.  This is due Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Assignment: Study for the vocabulary quiz on Monday.

Assignment: Check PlusPortal and see if you have any “MW” missing work.  Finish it and get it to me before Friday, March 24.  You can still earn 50% credit.

Assignment: Complete the quiz assigned in SpringBoard before March 20.

Assignment: The next reading journal check is April 13.  You need to have 9 entries for full credit.

Assignment: Continue working on your Zinc Vocabulary Tasks… The due date will get here fast!!