Week 07: Historical Documents as Evidence

Monday: Big Day of Brain Work!

Today was a big day of brain work for us.  I don’t know about you, but I sure did get tired!

With partners, we reviewed question #5 on page 149.  You and your partner discussed the cause/effect structure and then the class shared three examples to see if we were all on track– there was a bit of a tricky part where a claim was made, but the claim was not the cause that resulted in an effect… Be careful that you are finding both parts of the cause/effect set up.

On page 150- we looked at the before reading question and worked out what rhetorical appeal (from page 146) was being used.  There were three guesses, but the part to examine was the last bit…. either/or fallacy!

Then we looked at the speech from Chief Joseph on page 150– we talked about the type of evidence he is using (logical/empirical/anecdotal), and discussed the emotional reaction that is caused by his language and choice of evidence (emotional!).  We then worked on question 3 and 4 on page 151.

Assignment: Read “On Women’s Right to Vote” on page 151-2.  Answer question 5 and 6 for class Wednesday.

Assignment: Complete the “Dash” work sheet that was handed out in class today.

Assignment: Read page 103-108 and do the thinking work to understand the sentence structures that are covered in the activities.  

Assignment: Work on your Zinc Vocabulary– Quiz on March 20. 


Today we had several book talks to start class.  The Dash worksheet was collected. Several other previous assignments were passed back to you.

After the presentations, we moved into discussion of answers 5 and 6 on page 152.  We examined the rhetorical appeals closely and made sure that everyone had a good handle on evidence, as well as fallacies.

Assignment: Read page 153-156.  Do the before and during reading activities.  Be ready to discuss the after reading activity in class Tuesday.

Assignment: SpringBoard digital quiz (as practice) for 2.6-2.7.  This should be completed before Tuesday when class starts. 

Assignment: Sentence Starters worksheet.  This is due on Tuesday. 


Today was a short class due to “International Day”.

We worked on a class brainstorm of possible topics for the upcoming paper.  Your job is to consider the topics suggested in class, or another that you come up with, and have your choice narrowed to your top three on Tuesday.  You should take a look around for possible sources and see what sort of information you can find so that you have an idea of what the issue is and how it effects people.

Assignment: Create your top three topic choice list for the upcoming paper.