Week 06: TBE and Last FOAs

Monday: FOA and TBE Dirty/Clean

Today Min and Lina started us out with their FOA focused on memes and their role in communication.

After, we investigated the motif of cleanliness and dirtiness in the novel.  Your table groups started by identifying as many instances of “clean” and “dirty” as you could- looking not just at physical manifestations of the idea, but also at social or emotional instances of the concept.

You are tasked with looking for patterns in how Toni Morrison is using the motif within the text.

HW: IOC reflection- you got your grade sheet, my comments, and your notes from the first IOC.  You also got the audio file.  You need to listen to the file, review your performance, and make a list of three achievable, measurable goals for your next attempt.  You need to have this to show me on Wednesday. 

HW: Attend to FOA and WT preparation as needed. 

HW: Roots #12- Remember we have a quiz next week over lessons 1-12.