Week 05: Roland, Project Feedback

Tuesday: Turn in Project Proposals, and Roland

Today we will start looking at “The Song of Roland” from your text book.  As you read with a partner, focus on the following:

  • What is the action of each paragraph/numbered section? Write a summary in your own words.
  • Who are the major characters? Name them.
  • What have you learned about the character of each character? State key words and ideas in a chart.

I also looked at each group’s teaching proposal, asked clarifying questions as needed, and gave feedback related to estimated times.  Please bring all materials/tools needed to make quizzes, PowerPoints, and other teaching materials that you had stated in your proposal to class on Thursday.  Your group will have time to work on this after completing the reading of “The Song of Roland”.

Assignment: Work on needed teaching materials as stated in the proposal.