Week 05: Graphic Novel, Forms of Evidence, and Justice

Monday: Graphic Novel, Passive/Active Voice, Poetry

Today in class we looked at pages 111-119 in unit 2.  You and your partner evaluated the chart on page 111, looked at your active reading, and then completed the Venn diagram on page 119.

After, we worked on writing passive voice sentences by finding active voice examples in “Persepolis” and then editing them to make them passive.

Assignment: Find 3 active voice sentences in “Persepolis” and change them to passive voice.  Then choose which is better and justify your choice.

Assignment: PG 91-93, Questions 1-5 all with evidence of active reading and thinking on the page. Due at the start of class Feb. 22.

Wednesday: Thinking About Justice

Due to the schedule change, and my participation in a workshop, you had a sub today.

In-class activity:

  • Page 138- read with a partner and answer essential questions 1 & 2.
  • Page 139- read and complete the chart with a partner; then, answer question 2 using complete sentences and paragraph format.
  • Page 140- read the learning targets and highlight important/key words; then, complete the before reading activity questions 1 & 2, and preview the during reading task.

Assignment: Complete the in-class work if you were not able to in class time.

Assignment: Page 94-97– Before reading task 1 & 2; read the story and complete the during reading task from page 94.  Then, on page 97, complete the after reading question (the chart) and the writing prompt.  The writing prompt should be written on LINED PAPER as a paragraph. 

Reminder: The assignment from Monday, page 91-93, will be checked on Friday as well as the homework above. 

Friday: Forms of Evidence

Today we started with independent reading and a book talk from Violet.  Please make sure you are staying current on your reading journal and planing on when you will give your book talk before the end of the quarter (March 23/24).

I then asked you to self grade your HW.  You had time to compare your answers to your partner’s and then score your work form 0-5.

As a class, we then reviewed information on pages 138-141, taking care with the terms on page 141: Empirical, Logical, and Anecdotal.

Assignment: Read page 142-145 three times. 1- For understanding, 2- for vocabulary, and 3- to answer the key ideas and details questions in the margins.  You should have this done by start of class Tuesday.

Assignment: After reading questions on page 145 #4-5.