Week 04: “Unbreakable” and Hero Paper

Wednesday/Thursday: Movie and BS2/Thesis

Today we looked at the brainstorming process and worked on the process:

  • Get BS1 done- define terms, consider the question, list/explain possible examples from required text
  • Get BS2 done- take a stance on the question, give 5 claims for your stance, give 5 counter-claims (what the other side would argue), and give possible evidence for your claim (you should have 2-3 examples for each claim, not just 1)
  • Develop the thesis: Thesis Statement Cheat Sheet — this paper is best suited to the compare/contrast format of thesis.  Your thesis development may take 4-6 tries before you get the wording just right.  Once the wording is approved by me, you can’t change it, so make sure it is perfect!

Then we watched part of the movie “Unbreakable”.

HW: Get your BS1, BS2, and thesis development done as needed.

HW: Finish your independent movie viewing work.

HW: Work on your vocabulary assignment!

Friday/Monday: Thesis Statements and Movie

Today you need to have your thesis statement signed off, and approved by me.  Make sure you get my signature…. (This is a points at the end).

Then we watched the movie.

HW: Start writing your paper.  RD #1 is due IN CLASS on May 10 or 11.  You need to bring a HARD COPY with you to class.