Week 03: PPR 2 Samples

Tuesday: PPR 2 and Sample Analysis

We started class today by working in groups based on the PPR 2 selected topics to discuss what individuals did well and what needs to be improved on for the future.

Then, we looked at two sample student papers.  Your job was to look at each paper and grade it based on the SL PPR 2 Rubric.– HLs– Remember that the SL rubric is a bit different than yours in the level 2 and level 3 achievement requirements.

  • Identify what the candidate did well
  • What can you learn from this candidate to use in your own preparation?
  • Justify your score assignment by referring back to the text and showing evidence for your scoring

You should finish this process with the second paper and be ready to share your mark ideas in class when we start Thursday.

Assignment: Finish evaluating sample paper 2

Assignment: Reading journal due this Thursday (9 entries).  Here is the new prompts: reading-journal-tasks-semester-2

Assignment: Check PlusPortal to see if you are missing work that needs to be turned in– I do not have WTs from all of you yet!!!

Assignment: Make sure I have your self assigned HW from Semester holiday and Tet– I should have your evidence of work/tracking proof as well.