Week 03: Beowulf Project

Tuesday: Quiz and Project Assignment

We started class today with a quiz over section 21-end of the text.  I hope you did well.

Then we brainstormed key ideas that are related to the text. Topics were assigned and each had time to work on the topic to prepare a poster.  Your final project should include:

  • What is the key idea you are focused on?
  • How does the idea relate to the text?
    • is it plot, character, symbol???  Is there another way to consider it?
    • What are examples and non-examples of the idea? (for bravery– who is brave and who lacks bravery… what effect does each have on the story?)
  • What is the key lesson or message about the key idea you are examining?
    • Why is it important?
  • Make sure you reference the text (section and lines with some specific details/summary) to give evidence for your claims

Assignment: Finish your reading journal for Thursday!!!

Assignment: Prepare what is needed for the next lesson for your project

Thursday: Project Presentation or Work Time (PM Ms. J Gone)

Today you have time to work on the poster and practice your presentation for Monday.

Make sure you have turned in your reading journal today.