Week 02: The Divine Comedy and Film Project

Monday/Tuesday: Roots Quiz and Dante

Today we started with the roots quiz.

After, we looked at the background of Dante and his work, The Divine Comedy.  We started reading the first section- looking at elements of the allegory- both the literal interpretation and the figurative interpretation of the text.

HW: Find your assigned film for the independent movie viewing activity.  You need to locate the film before this week is over. 

Wednesday/Thursday: Film Project and Dante

I first went through the assignment for the independent movie viewing project and made sure everyone knows what to do.  A day is due May 2/ B day is due May 3.

Then, in table groups, we continued reading “The Inferno”.  Your job in class is to read, paraphrase, and answer the three questions on page 747.  Answer the questions on a piece of paper.

HW: Independently read, paraphrase, and address the questions from Canto 5 (Pg. 748-52).  This is due April 23/24 in class.  Please answer all of the questions in this section on a piece of paper. 

HW: Get your independent movie assignment done before May 2/3.