Week 02: Close Reading Continued

Tuesday: Reading 3 for Key Ideas

Today you worked on the third reading of the first text focusing on the key ideas and details questions in the margins.  You should be noting your ideas for each of the paragraphs in the margins.

Assignment: Complete all of the questions you started in class today.

Assignment: Have SOAPSTone ready for class Thursday.

Assignment: Work on your reading journal and ZINC vocabulary. 

Thursday: Visual Text and More Close Reading

Today we discussed the SOAPSTone starting on page 29 of the packet and then went on to the visual text on page 31.

We worked on OPTIC with a partner and then shared each piece with the class so that everyone had good information regarding how to read the visual text.

I then introduced the project for after the break (PG 38), so that you can start thinking about it.

Assignment: Do the three readings for the next selection “Dr. King’s Error” and the SOAPSTone at the end over vacation. 

Assignment: Work on your Zinc vocabulary and reading journals!