Week 01: Outline for Remainder of Year, Roland

Monday/Tuesday: Outline Major Project, and Review Song of Roland

Roots #9– There will be a quiz over Roots #7-9 (primary) and #1-6 (secondary) on April 16/17.  Be ready for this.

  • CORD-
  • LAT-, LATER-
  • PAN-, PAM-

To give you LOTS of time to plan, I covered the major due dates for the term:

  • Non-negotiable- FD of paper is due May 28 (A day) and May 29 (B day).
  • RD#1 will be due May 10/11
  • RD#2 will be due (about) May 17/18

Then we moved onto “The Song of Roland” and looked at three things:

  • What kind of guy is Roland?
  • What values does Roland embody?
  • What epic hero traits are shown in the section?

HW: Finish your vocabulary assignment and prepare for the quiz next week. 

Wednesday/Thursday: The Story of the Grail