Week 09: Review PPR1 (SL) and HMT (HL)

Tuesday: Ms. J Gone– Lenses with Ms. Mac

Thursday: HL/SL Split

SL- VCRs and The Oxford Comma

We looked at two “How Stuff Works” articles today.  The first was on the VCR- and we used it to think about visual text as it works with written text to create meaning. We also talked about placing a text in time in order to understand the TAP as well as the zeitgeist of the time. The discussion included ideas about key text features, meaning, and author’s voice as they relate to text type and purpose.

Then you were given an article on how the Oxford Comma (or lack there of) has influenced hundreds of lives and may cost an industry hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Assignment: Take another 70 minutes (20 were taken in class) and complete a paper 1 response for the Oxford Comma text.

HL- HMT and Lenses

You worked with Ms. Mac on this…