Week 08: SL PPR1 / HL ADH Split

Monday: Assigned Study Recovery and Splits

As many people in class are struggling to have 100% of the work submitted, anyone with outstanding work will be required to meet in Mr. Jobert’s office area for assigned study until all work is submitted.  This starts tomorrow. Ms. Johnson gave you each a handout with your status and it is your responsibility to get things sorted out.

Then- SL and HL split.

SL: Paper 1 Practice

Today we looked at how to approach two poems and one article for PPR 1.  You should have some action steps in your head and know how to get a toe-hold on something that seems very difficult for you.

HL: ADH Revision


SL: Paper 1 Practice

We worked with two texts in class as a team.

Assignment: Based on the “Heinz” reading that I gave you, please take 90 minutes and write a paper 1 in exam style conditions. This is due to me March 24.

HL: ADH Revision

Friday: MJ Gone– All with Ms. Mac


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