Week 07: Review of HMT Continues

Tuesday: Criticism Lenses Continued

Today Ms. Mac worked with you to apply literary criticism lenses to the text HMT.  Please review the information she has given you on the lenses so that you can construct more persuasive arguments next class.

Your verbal participation in class today was disappointing– get your act together and bring your brain to class ASAP.

Be ready to write a mini PPR1 on Thursday.

Thursday: Mini PPR1

Class today started with feedback on your last in-class write from Ms. Johnson.  You were asked to identify concrete areas to improve for your next attempt based on the feedback you see on the last attempt.

Then, Ms. Mac took you through some HMT revision dealing first with approaching a PPR1 type questions, and then dealing with a PPR2 type question.

Assignment: Address the following prompt: “How have writers used narrative voice, structure and/or characterization to explore a social or intellectual concern?” REQUIRED: Deconstruct the question as I (Ms. Mac) modeled on the board (to make sure you answer the question, criterion B). Plan and complete a paper 2 response using The Handmaid’s Tale and one other text (SL no choice).   Question addresses C, make sure to mention context too.  Criterion E and F focus on the quality of your writing.

Reminder: Many of you are in danger of failing second semester of your senior year.  Get your work in by Monday.  After Monday– it will not be accepted.  This includes reading journals.

Reminder: You have until March 24 to present your book talk for this quarter.  You must tell Ms. Johnson/Ms. Mac when you are going to present.  This term you are “SELLING” the text that you have read.  Create a persuasive “Commercial” of no more than 3 minutes (live in class or pre-recorded).  You must demonstrate your understanding of the text– but don’t tell the story– and you must show your understanding of persuasive language.