Week 06: Review Atwood, Attend to Late/Missing Work, and Submit WT1/2

Monday: HMT Character Review with Ms. Mac

In class today you worked to examine the characters in “Handmaids’ Tale”.  Ms. Mac guided your discussion and helped you to recall character details and their function within the text.  There was some discussion that led into some of the symbolic and thematic issues that will be reviewed in depth in the next 4 lessons.

You should have some very, VERY detailed notes about each character.

Assignment: Fill in the review sheet for HMT for the parts that you are able to based on discussion today in class. paper_2_revision

Assignment: Attend to your missing and late work as documented in PlusPortal.  All work is now worth 50% if it is done perfectly. 

Wednesday: WT1/2 Due, Atwood Review

Friday: Atwood Review