Week 04: Visual Text

Monday: Visual Text (Intro or Review?)

Today we worked through this PP in class: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1vh8aBkw7WpT25wZ2JEcGdjNXM

You will need to be logged into your AIS account to gain access to this Google Drive file.

Assignment: Looking at the “power” slide with hands and light- compare and contrast the two visual text.  You should write more than a paragraph.

Wednesday: Visual Text Practice

Today we looked at several visual texts ranging form comics, to print ads, to moving visual text (commercials).  Hopefully you are starting to build a bank of questions you can use to examine visual text.

Assignment: Find a visual text on par with the ones we have examined in class and outline your analysis of it.  You should provide a clear thesis for your essay, and major points, but not write the essay.

Friday: Comparative Analysis and Zeitgeist

Today we looked at two visual texts and used the lens of cultural context to investigate each.  Here are the texts for you: paired-text-car-ads

Assignment: Take the notes you made in class (50 minutes) and finish writing the essay (120 minutes total).  Write the essay by hand and have it ready to turn in Tuesday.