Week 03: IB Style Presentation

Monday: IB Style Presentation– The FOA

Today we went over the IB rubric for the FOA to make sure that everyone understands the categories and how they are evaluated.  You and your partner then drew a topic from the cup to work on this week and present on Friday in class.

  • Select a visual text (a picture) that deals with your assigned topic
  • Understand the context of the image and go through the steps of OPTIC to make sure you know what is important
  • What is the TAP of the visual text?
  • Identify how this image relates to media– think about your TAP and how you can extend your understanding here
  • Prepare a well structured 5-7 minute presentation based on the criteria we examined in the rubric
  • You may use no more than 3 slides (and one MUST BE your selected image)

You had 20 minutes in class to work with your partner and make a strategy.

Assignment: Come to class Wednesday with your selected image.

Assignment: 9 reading journals due on Friday.