Week 01: Mock Exams

Wednesday: Econ Mock and Reminders

Today, many of you are sitting the econ mock exams (all three of them) and also the bio or physics exams in the afternoon.  Good luch

A class rep has contacted me about the WT#1 that is due today.  I will grant you the weekend as an extension, but the hard due date for this is January 16.  It should be typed and given to me in hard copy.  I will do my best to return many of these to you so that revisions can be completed over the Tet holiday.  Here is the handout I gave you in case you have lost it: wt1-option-for-part-1-and-2-of-class

Many of you have failed to submit the final draft (to be sent to the IBO) version of your WT#2 (looking at you HL students).  Make sure I have this or you will be hating life soon.  This should be submitted both in hard copy and electronically and should include the COVER PAGE, ROMAN NUMERAL OUTLINE, and FORMAL ESSAY.  Make sure you have noted your IB candidate number, your legal name, and IB school number on the documents.

Language A: Lit and Lang English paper one is Thursday, January  12, and paper two is Monday, January 16.  Good luck.

Assignment: This is a reminder, not a new assignment– Make sure I have your identified area of weakness (from before break) and your study plan for the vacations.  You should continue tracking your progress on your individual goals over the Tet holiday.  You will be graded on your success and the evidence you provide me on February 6, 2017.