Week 1– Song Parody and EE Day

Well… We didn’t see each other a whole lot this week.

Monday– Opening ceremony took our first two classes, so nothing to talk about for that

Tuesday– We had one period and you got the outline for the song parody project.  Here is a link if you lost it: Project 0– Song Parody The Bluest Eye

I have made a YouTube playlist that will help you get some social context so that you can better understand the issues of race that color the themes of the text. 

Friday– We were in the library “working” on your EE’s.

Next steps– Work on your song parody this weekend… Read the book!

Language and Taboo: The Article I Talked About Today

Some of you may be interested in the article I mentioned today.

The F Word

Take a Breather?

Here is a little video to help you relax.  I mean really, who doesn’t like baby animals?


Attention, Attention!

NaNoWriMo is coming! If you can write 667 words a day for a month you will have a 20,000 word novel and EXTRA CREDIT for English.

This video talks about the 50,000 word goal for adults, but as students we will let you get away with 20,000…

Melt My Heart!

This little cherub is my niece Harper.  She is so proud of her name and the name necklace that she  got from Auntie Ciara.

Does she not have the most wonderful expression on her face?

Here is a cute overload for you today!
Here is a cute overload for you today!

Let’s See Who’s Paying Attention

I’m curious how many of you are paying attention to the things I say.

So, if you can mimic one funny animal to me Thursday in class, I will give you 5 bonus points.

Welcome to IB English 12

Hey people.

You’ve survived the first week, so I think you deserve a video.