Week 09: FOA and Gatsby

Tuesday: FOAs and GG (Paragraph 4)

Lina gave her FOA on how euphemism is used in life with reference to language change and cultural context.  She focused on euphemism related to menstruation and sexual intercourse for her discussion and examples.

Lucy examined two contrasting linguistic approaches to English: the prescriptive approach and the descriptive approach.  She linked these schools of thought to the cultural context of British colonialism in the early 1900s and the shift to globalization from the late 1980 onward. This discussion was linked to the history and evolution of language as well as language and power.

After this, we went back to out discussion on the first 4 paragraphs of the text.  The discussion today included a digression about the narrative structure of the novel (onion as well as circular narration- I know. MIND BLOWING!).

Thursday: FOA and GG (Geography and Critical Reading)

FOA 1- Zoe and how puns function in advertisements.  Zoe looked at the product “Popchips” and the use of puns in the Katy Perry ad campaign.

FOA 2- Pearl and sexist vs. gender neutral job titles.  Pearl looked at how there is still implicit bias in job titles that are attempting to be gender neutral like firefighter, flight attendant, and police officer.

The geography in the Great Gatsby plays an important role.  Today we will look at this page: https://ny.curbed.com/maps/mapping-the-1920s-new-york-city-of-the-great-gatsby

After a discussion of the geography, we will try to map the character relationships within the core players.

JSTOR Assigned Reading:

HW: Complete the character relationship map for “The Great Gatsby” for Monday.

HW: Read and annotate the journal articles from above by April 10.  I strongly suggest you print the article and make your annotations on the pages.