Week 08: FOAs, Gatsby, and Vocab Quiz

Wednesday: Vocab Quiz, FOA, and Gatsby

Today we started the day with a Greek/Latin root quiz (20 minutes).

After, I gave you new seats to change up the discussion a bit.  You all were falling into a pattern of duties and roles in discussion and it was getting stale.  This change should bring some new life and POV to the discussions.

Stephanie then gave her FOA.  She compared the reporting of sporting events by different interested parties (topic 192 in my book). Her specific choice was Nathan Chen’s performance in the team skating event a few weeks ago in the Olympics.  Her sources were USA Today and TeamUSA.org.  Her focus question was: “How does target audience shape media bias in news articles?”.

After her FOA, I guided us through an examination of the first 4 paragraphs of “The Great Gatsby”.  I facilitated an investigation focused on “What can we learn about Nick?” and “What can we learn about Gatsby?”.  As a class, we dug into detailed word choice to answer these questions.

HW: Read the 4th paragraph and complete your observations about “What can we learn about Gatsby?” for Friday.

HW: Finnish your annotations of the text and complete the SG (March 26). 

HW: Watch these three videos to prepare for Min’s FOA. 

Friday: FOA (x2), and Gatsby