Week 05: Finish HMT

Monday: Quiz and Discussion

Roots #4:

  • BEN-
  • LUMIN-

First thing today is the objective quiz over HMT.  You all got your scores back in class today, so you know you did okay.

Then, we used the Think-Pair-Share format to address some key ideas related to the setting of the novel (dystopia/speculative fiction).  These are not QUITE the same thing, so please read up using the links <—- to make sure you have a grasp of each.

Wednesday in class we will be applying a feminist lens to the reading of the text.  To do this, you need to have an idea of what a feminist lens is.  Please read these two articles:

As requested- The key to the HMT SG will be printed and pinned to the wall for your use.

HW: Do the readings from above.

HW: Be ready for a Roots quiz.