Week 04: HMT Theme Groups, FOA

Monday: FOA and Motif Group Completion

Roots #3:

  • DE-
  • CAC-

Lina and Min presented an FOA on Beauty Gurus in YouTube.

Then motif groups finished their discussion and prepared a short overview of how the motif is used in the text, and what areas (Thematic) the motif helps to inform.  We will build on this starting Wednesday as we move into Thematic Groups.

HW: There will be a HMT knowledge/understanding quiz on February 5. It’s multiple choice and you will be fine if you have worked on the SG I gave you last week.

HW: Select the topic you want for FOA #3- Huy, Khoi, Megan, Zoe, and Lucy- I’m talking to you.

HW: Do the vocabulary work for this week- roots posted above. 

Wednesday: FOA and Thematic HMT Work

Paris and Stephanie presented on how context of production effects the presentation of a work by comparing three cinematic versions of Romeo and Juliet- focused on the sex scene.

Then we had a lock-down drill…

After, we broke into thematic teams to dig into the text.  The note cards helped to create the teams for this activity.  Each team is asked to consider and discuss the idea, and then create an information sheet related to the theme to share with the class.  Each team will also present a 2-3 minute overview of the information on Friday.

The Teams:

  • 1- Although society appears to make residents powerless, people find subtle ways to empower themselves and exert power over others.
  • 2- The needs of the majority take precedence over the needs of the individual.
  • 3- Language is powerful, dangerous, and even illicit, especially for women.
  • 4- All relationships are difficult, even when the Gilead society has attempted to remove every aspect of intimacy from them.

HW: Continue to work on the vocabulary assignment.

HW: Continue to work on the SG- Quiz on Monday. 

Friday: Thematic Team Presentations, TPS, and Discussion